Boot Season...

I am SUCH a fan of Fall and am so excited to layer my outfits and wear my new boots I purchased from the Nordstrom Sale! Speaking of boots - I wanted to share some of my faves because we are entering "boot season" and now's the time to buy before Fall hits! I included booties, tall boots, flat boots, and even Hunter boots (because everyone needs a pair!) so you can shop a variety of styles! 

Hope you all enjoy + thanks for stopping by! 

xx, Ashley 

This Is Two...


I've been meaning to give you guys an update on Lolo - but LIFE happened, or better yet the Nordstrom Sale happened...and that threw me for a loop! After doing lots of monthly updates on London - I cannot believe I'm finally typing her 2-year update! Eeek! Exciting and SURREAL that we have entered the "terrific two's" :) 

I'll just start by saying that two is FUN. Challenging of course, but isn't every stage in its own way? I have days when I'm exhausted, mentally because it's so NON-STOP but I will say, the number of amazing days totally outnumber the days when I feel drained. We have so much fun exploring and discovering together and I'm cherishing this time when it's just the two of us because I know one day it will come to an end (no, I'm not pregnant...just thinking ahead!)

So, let's talk about London currently, two years and (almost) 2 months old... 

Favorite Food: SNACKS. Kidding (kind of). Let me explain...Lo has always been a great eater, and she still is; loves salmon, haddock, salad (what 2 year old likes salad?), asparagus, brussel sprouts, broccoli, all fruit, etc. She just requests snacks from the moment she wakes up (literally, when I go in to get her in the morning she says "I need a snack") to the time she goes to bed. This kid will ask for a snack AS I'm putting her in her crib for the night. I swear, I feed her ;) But man, it's exhausting. I don't want to give her food ALL the time and also don't want it to effect how she's eating at meal times so I have to distract and re-direct many times throughout the day. When we do have snacks - our favorites are: grapes, graham crackers, apple sauce, gold fish, raisins, yogurt, and pretzel thins. Any other snack ideas I can add to the mix? 

Favorite Things To Do: Being outside is totally her jam! She loves to push her baby doll down the sidewalk in the play stroller and take her bucket to collect leaves or sticks. Lolo also loves to EAT and get a "treat." Ice cream, popsicles, and frozen yogurt sticks are some of our "go-to's" :) ...It is summer after all! Lately she's been into her basketball hoop - which obviously makes us very excited! 

Favorite Toys: She loves to play with her kitchen and "cook dinner" for us. She also got crafts like colored popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and finger paints for her birthday so she loves all of that too! The pom-poms are a great way to learn colors - we do a game where we separate them by colors and she's super into it. Another toy she really enjoys is her shopping cart! She likes to pretend that she's doing groceries like mommy...also goes really well with the kitchen :) 

Most Exciting Thing She's Doing: I've been showing her the letter "L" for a week now, and she finally identified it two days ago! I am super excited. I also tried an "A" to which she replied "house" and a "T" which she confidently said was a "cross" ... I mean, she's not wrong! :) She has mastered her colors so I'm moving on to letters ... just a few at a time! 

Biggest Challenges: There are a lot of things to navigate when you enter the two's. The tantrums get a bit more intense, their emotions are so erratic, and they have LOTS of opinions. Thank goodness, I am able to reason with London (to an extent) and her tantrums don't last longer than a minute or so, but they're still exhausting. I'm trying my best to remain patient.

What I've Learned / What I'm Learning: I think consistency has been something that I've always tried to maintain - which is super difficult at times, especially when you ARE tired and just want to let something go - don't. I think the reason why Lo can be talked off a ledge (a.k.a. we avoid a tantrum) is because I'm consistent with my expectations of her. I also try to think a few steps ahead. If she's tired or hungry, I won't put her in situations that may set her off. 

Really, it's different from day to day so I'm learning as I go! I don't know if it will get even more intense the older she might -but I KNOW it will keep getting better because watching her learn and discover is the best thing ever! 

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by!

xx, Ashley 



Easing Into The Morning...


(My top is from Tobi and under $30... shop it here)

I'm just gonna be honest, mornings aren't my favorite but London has made it clear that she LOVES them. In fact, she miraculously has the most energy in (what seems like) the wee hours of the morning. Funny how that works, huh?! :) Thankfully, I've got the world's sweetest husband (and smartest) because he usually gets Lo up and brings her downstairs to start breakfast a.k.a. allows me time to wake up and slowly start my day.

I would say the past month I've developed a morning routine that has helped me wake up a little easier! I thought I'd share it with you in case, like me, you need an extra nudge in the AM! 

1. Wash your face. I am consistent about washing my face and applying moisturizer every morning, but I recently have added a serum and eye cream to the mix because my wrinkles are just getting a little crazy. The Puristry products that I use are organic, loaded with antioxidants, and hydrating oils. (You can find the Vine Therapy Serum here, and this is the brightening and de-puffing eye cream that I use currently) I love them both! If you want to shop the entire line, the products can be found at Anthropologie

2. Grab a coffee. Set the timer on your coffee machine so it's ready to pour OR (this is what I've been doing lately) brew a cup the night before and put it in the fridge so all you have to do is add ice! I look forward to this every morning - especially an iced coffee on a warm summer day! 

(My top is from Tobi and under $30... shop it here)

3. Don't skip breakfast. I need all the energy I can get so I usually start my day with a big bowl of oatmeal and fruit. I feel like it fills me up and keeps my hunger at bay so I can get through our morning activities! I always bring a snack with me on the go like a banana or a granola bar! 

3. Get outside. Trust me, it helps. I always have a morning activity or play date planned because it gets us out of the house! Sometimes, that's half the battle and if we are stuck inside I tend to have less energy and be less motivated. Getting out and about instantly gives me an energy boost - plus we love to explore together! 

How do you start your morning?! 

xx, Ashley 

10 Mom Truths...


Who knows "Cat and Nat?" They're an amazing mommy duo - and if you don't know them, you need too, STAT! They do a little special called "Mom Truth Fridays" so it inspired me to write out my own list of truths because it's always more fun to laugh at yourself than cry - which I'm sure a lot of us could do on some occasions, #amiright? Needless to say, I hope you chuckle at a few of these and maybe even relate to some of them too! Let me know your faves below! :) 


1. When another mom, say at the playground, tries to "mom date" me ... I feel like just saying "I'm taken." I'm already balancing three mom-friend relationships and that's enough for me! (P.S. They're my actual friends now, not just my "mom friends" ...but you get what I'm saying!)

2. When London throws herself on the ground because I put peanut butter on her toast instead of butter I have to try REALLY hard not to laugh out loud. I cannot handle the absurdity of these meltdowns. Here's another one: I wouldn't let her stick her hands in the toilet bowl and swirl the water around. I know, I'm such a bad mom. 

3. I LOVE SCREEN TIME. There, I said it! Can't we both just sit in one spot and zone out for 20(ish) minutes? What is so wrong with that? I even got the 'ok' from my pediatrician so THERE to any of you judge-y moms reading this and thinking badly of me! ;)  

4. Coffee is LIFE. There were many times in my life when I spoke the words "I will never drink coffee regularly" ... BLASPHEMY! WHAT in the WORLD was I thinking? Oh - that's right...I was making crazy statements like that pre-baby, as you do! What I MEANT to say was "I will definitely drink coffee every day, sometimes two and three times a day, when I have a kid." Boom!

5. You wanna know another thing I said pre-Lolo? "I will never have a schedule. I'm gonna take my baby everywhere with me - they'll just sleep when they're tired!" Fast Forward to present day....I'm a schedule F-R-E-A-K. My life revolves around my 2-year old's nap time and bed time and I'm not even upset about it. This may not work for some people (which is totally cool), but knowing that I get 2+ solid hours of "me" time every day is enough to make me want to stick to this schedule like flies on .... you catch my drift. 

6. Nope. No way. I've never farted in front of my husband and blamed it on my daughter! (I have) Did he call me on it? He sure did. Sad to say I was only a little bit embarrassed. And here lies my dignity. 

7. I would rather pick London's nose for her and wipe it on my own shirtsleeve, then let her walk around being THAT kid with the booger hanging out and visible to the public. 

8. No matter how much time I spend with Lo (which is all day every day because, STAY AT HOME MOM) I never ACTUALLY feel like it's enough. Translation: Mom guilt always, forever, and no matter what. 

9. I'm not above a good bribe. Target almost always = a scone from Starbucks, grocery shopping = a cookie from the bakery and potty training will = M&M's. (Sorry, not sorry)

10. Here's a final "mom truth" for you...When I say "I'm tired" to a mom that has multiple kids and she looks at me like I have three heads and says "wait until you have two" I want to give major eye roll. I GET IT...I have one kid. Yes, my kid sleeps through the night but does that mean that I am not allowed to be tired? I am dealing with 2-year-old tantrums, nights when my baby is up sick all night, a husband who travels a lot and works long hours, etc. I'm sure when I have another I'll be a whole new level of tired than I am now - but THIS is my reality let me just be + say I'm tired too, ok? Phew. I'm glad that's out :) 

Ok ... what are some of your "truths?!" I need to laugh some more today ... leave them below!

xx, Ashley 

Our Weekend...


My Outfit: Dress: Tobi (Under $100 and SO comfortable!)| Sandals: Nine West, similar here

London's Outfit: Top: Gap, similar here | Shorts: Gap, similar here | Sandals: Target (Cat & Jacket)

We had Chris home with us for a full weekend so we took advantage and did more "touristy" things in our city! 

Saturday morning we were out of the house early to catch the train to the North End. London constantly asks to go on the bus, train, trolley, airplane, tractor, and any other form of transportation you can think of - so we just had to do at least one of those! (Trolley is next!) We went to the Public Market for coffee + breakfast. Outside they've got loads of fresh produce but inside is where it's really at ;) ...You can find a few of my favorite places in one spot - Union Square Donuts, George Howell coffee, Levend Bagels, and sooo much more! I feel like George Howell coffee is liquid gold ... it gave me energy for the WHOLE day haha! Maybe it's a mental thing, but seriously, you have to try it. 

There's a beautiful green space that separates the Faneuil Hall area and the North End called Rose Kennedy Greenway. So adorable. There are rose gardens, fountains, usually food trucks, and always really fun events going on! We didn't plan on walking from the North End all the way to the Prudential Center, but we did! We went through the Public Garden to show London the little duck statues in honor of "Make Way For Ducklings," one of her favorite books! She loved it!

I'm so happy to have Chris home for a few weeks - it makes SUCH a difference! Sunday we took the bus to Cambridge and strolled around Harvard Square! I didn't take many photos (I try to be "phone-free" on Sundays) but we had so much fun. You can see photos from our morning adventure below. 

NSale: Fave Sleepwear + Comfies...

Let's be honest - this stuff is all I wanna wear ... like ALWAYS :) 

It's tough for me to spend a fortune on sleepwear when no one (besides my hubby) will ever see it SO that's what makes this sale so great! Everything is marked down to a price that's more in my range! Check out some faves below - before they all sell out! Only a few more days left to shop the sale!

xx, Ashley 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best of Activewear...

Happy Monday!

We spent five days in southern Maine staying at my sister's house while the hubby was gone for work. We had so much fun but I must say it's nice to be home and back in our normal schedule! Chris has been gone for over half of the month - and WOW have we missed him! We are looking forward to staying put for the next few weeks, without any travel :) 

I put together "Best of ACTIVEWEAR from the Nordstrom Sale! There's only a week left to shop - so it's now or never! I tried to include a little bit of everything and they're mostly all my faves. I love all of the Adidas Originals stuff, like this sweatshirt (which is under $40!) So adorable. I also love the mesh detailing on these $32 leggings! Can't go wrong with black (or leggings for that matter!) 

I hope you all have a great Monday and enjoy shopping below!

xx, Ashley 

Best Playgrounds In The Boston Area For Toddlers...

Hey Boston Mamas! 

I recently wrote an article for Mommy Nearest about the best playgrounds to take your littles too! We live in Watertown, so I included some in the city but also in the Greater Boston area as well :) Enjoy! 


The playground is the perfect place to let your child burn off some energy, explore, meet up for play dates and get some fresh air. As a new mom, I was so excited when my daughter learned to sit up so she could finally enjoy the bucket swings. And once she started walking I couldn’t wait to watch her toddle around and play on the equipment. I quickly realized that those once relaxing trips to the playground were becoming stressful. I turned into my daughters shadow, trying desperately to keep her away from the dangerous climbing structures and giant slides!

Thankfully, I've been able to find the spaces meant just for little ones who are learning to walk. Think soft surfaces, bucket swings, small slides, tunnels to crawl through and lots more. Here are eight of the city's best playgrounds perfect for your toddler! 

1. Alexander W. Kemp Playground, Cambridge

Why it’s good for toddlers: I’ve nicknamed this one “natures playground” thanks to the design landscape of hills, sand, wooden structures and water features. There’s something for everyone here, including a water table which is always a crowd favorite. Little ones can't get enough of the sand (there’s A LOT of it) and the adults will enjoy that the playground is mostly shaded. It’s the perfect place to let your kids explore their surroundings safely.

Insider tip: There isn’t a parking lot, just metered street parking so make sure to bring some quarters!

2. Victory Field Playground, Watertown

Why it’s good for toddlers: I absolutely love this playground for its soft rubber surface, tunnels to crawl through, and the mini playhouses where little ones can sit and eat their snacks. There are also bucket swings and small slides for even the smallest babes. Not to mention, it’s all fenced in! If you go on a hot day, half of the playground is shaded by trees, which is nice.

Insider tip: Although this is about 15 minutes outside of the city, it's worth the drive. Make a morning of it by hitting the Starbucks just down the road or grabbing breakfast at North 11 Beacon—our favorite diner!

3. Winthrop Square/Minot Playground, Brookline

Why it’s good for toddlers: This park is fully fenced in and offers a large play area for kids, plus a splash pad. There is grass for your little ones to explore and “no dogs allowed” so you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises (if you know what I mean!). There's lots of shade to be found, provided by the surrounding maples, and plenty of benches to catch a break if needed while still keeping a watchful eye on your little one(s).

Insider tip: Pack a picnic or enjoy a snack near the beautiful rose gardens at this park.

4. Ringgold Park, South End

Why it’s good for toddlers: The main attraction of this playground is the park fountain, which cascades water from top to bottom for one hour, three times a day (9-10am, noon-1pm and 6-7pm). Another “perk” of this playground are the walkers and “ride-on” toys that local families have dropped off for other kids to enjoy. Your little one will enjoy pushing or riding them around the fenced in rubber surface and/or the basketball courts next door.

Insider tip: There are always events going on at this park, so check the website for more info! Just recently they hosted a “garden tour” and a musical event for kids.

5. Billy Ward Playground, Brookline

Why it’s good for toddlers: This playground has been recently renovated and now includes a splash pad and sand box area. A wooden toy train structure will be a favorite with your little one, and they’ll love watching the older kids climb up the rock wall! I love that the “tot lot” is separated and on a lower level than the “big kids” area; it lessens the chance of any accidental run-ins.

Insider tip: There are picnic tables on site so pack a meal and enjoy a whole morning or afternoon outdoors.

6. LoPresti Park, East Boston

Why it’s good for toddlers: Let your little ones play while you take in the incredible views and the epic Boston skyline! The playground has the basic equipment (swings, slides, climbing structures, etc.), but the real win is the four acres of green space for kids to run through. It’s such a hidden gem!

Insider tip: The park offers “Family Zumba” every Wednesday at 6pm during the summer months.

7. Charlesbank Esplanade Playground

Why it’s good for toddlers: Located right off Storrow Drive, this playground is large and fenced in which makes it an extra safe place for your little one. The soft rubber surface helps, too! There are two short slides and six infant bucket swings, so it’s likely your kiddo will never have to wait on one. On hot summer days, you’ll be happy to hear there is a splash pad as well.

Insider tip: Parking can be a bit tough due to the location of the playground, so plan ahead time wise (the walk is worth it!).

8. Peters Park, South End

Why it’s good for toddlers: Most playgrounds cater to certain age groups but neglect others—not Peter’s Park! Not only is it great for toddlers with the infant swings and low-to-the-ground structures, but if you’re a parent of multiples, there are larger structures for kids’ ages 5-12 here too. The rubber surface will limit the inevitable bumps and scrapes that come when you’ve got a curious toddler in tow.

Insider tip: Limited shade on hot sunny days so bring sunscreen! Also got a puppy? There’s a dog park right next door!

Do you have a favorite playground that didn't make the list? Please share! We are always looking to try new ones :) 

xx, Ashley 

Fall Staples On Sale...

I've been SO into the Fall pieces in this years Nordstrom Sale! Most of the items I've purchased are perfect for Fall (you can see them here) and it's making me so excited for apple picking, warm cider, football, and crockpot meals :) 

Since I can't possibly purchase every single thing that I want, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Fall staples currently ON MAJOR SALE - so you can stock up! 

xx, Ashley 

Denim Dress...


My Outfit: Dress: Shein | Top: Forever21, similar here and also love this one | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: RayBan

Happy Monday! 

I'm so excited to share this denim dress with you ... and it's only $18! Another Shein steal! The quality is great and I love how comfortable it is...not too tight and not difficult to sit down in (you know how denim can be!) I also love the little pocket in the front!

I wanted to mention that this dress runs SMALL! I suggest ordering a size or two up! I ordered a medium and like how it fits, but I think I would have even been happy with a it had a very loose fit. It's a teeny bit tight in the hips, although it ends up giving the dress some sort of shape which also looks cute too. If I had ordered a small, it definitely would have been too snug to wear! 

Here are a few other jumpers that I love ... and the great thing about these is that you can wear them in the Fall too! 

xx, Ashley 

More Nordstrom favorites...

It's the LAST day to shop the NSALE for cardholders and at 12AM EST it will be open to EVERYONE! Yay! 

I have put together about 30 items which are still in stock and that I think will sell out quickly! My recent purchases can be found here and also, I bought this Lush v-neck tee in "heather gray" today (only $15!) because a friend of mine said it was amazing! Anyway, here are some of the best things from the sale that are still available - so get them while you can! 

xx, Ashley 

My Favorites From The Nordstrom Sale...

Best Of: Sweaters

 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 

 5 || 6 || 7

Best Of: Jeans

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

Best Of: Shoes

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6

Best Of: Jackets

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

Best Of: Beauty

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6

Best Of: Activewear

1 || 2 || 3 || 4

5 || 6 || 7

Best Of: Sleepwear

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

Best Of: Handbags

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

Thank you for stopping by! 

xx, Ashley 

Best Of Shoes: NSale...

Happy Monday!

The NSALE is still going strong - with SO many deals and sales it's actually quite overwhelming for a blogger like myself ;) I'm trying to focus on expanding my Fall wardrobe for the upcoming season, since Summer (in my world) is basically a month from being over! I've been on the lookout for black closed-toe booties and found the cutest ones from BP for under $100! I also have my eye on another pair of tall boots, like these from Vince Camuto - and also looking for some that are flat so I can wear them even when I'm out running errands with Lo and feel like being stylish (I really like these!) I'm trying to pace myself, but I think it's just a matter of time before I cave and buy them :) 

There are lots of great deals on shoes so I wanted to round-up my favorites for save you some "digging" time! 

xx, Ashley 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: First Round Of Purchases...

I'm so excited that the NSALE is here, I was up at 6AM to make sure I could get the items at the top of my wish list! I feel like they're all so well priced and discounted, that they'll sell out fast - so I wanted to snag them up as quickly as I could! 

I am still on the lookout for jeans...I can't seem to pull the trigger! It's so hard for me to find the ones that fit really well, mostly because I'm picky. I've heard such amazing things about these AG Jeans (which were the top-seller in last year's NSALE), but I also love these from Madewell. Maybe I'll just have to splurge and get both! Here are my first round of purchases, clearly I'm focusing on some Fall finds :) 

1. BP Lightweight Rib Stitch Cardigan in Green Timber. Price: $31.90, marked down from $49.00

I discovered this past winter that all I wear for the most part are cardigans ... so I'm trying to stock up during this sale! I have had SUCH good luck with BP as a brand...I love their stuff - and it's so affordable. This one is marked down so much, you can get two! I also have my eye on the "beige oatmeal" color as well! 

2. Vince Camuto Fileana Split Shaft Bootie, GREY STONE. Price: $99, marked down from $149.50.

I LOVE these. I went back and forth on the colors, but ultimately chose this stone color because I don't have a pair like this in my closet yet! These are going to go FAST because they're on everyone's hot list ... I also loved these from 1.state, and they're actually cheaper (under $80!) ... just didn't have the color I liked!

3. BP. Plaid Cotton Blend Shirt, in Red Scooter Alce Plaid. Price: $31.90, marked down from $49.00

I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THIS ON! I love plaid ... and it never goes out of style for Fall! I am excited to pair it with the booties that I bought...I think it'll be adorable. 

4. Calson Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee, in Ivory-Black Julia Stripe. Price: $19.90, marked down from $29.00

Crewneck tee's are my favorite and I've been looking for a slouchy striped one for layering! I can even layer this underneath my plaid shirt or cardigan that I purchased....repurposing outfits :) 

5. Dreamers by Debut sweater, in Olive. Price: $29.90, marked down from $45.00

I love the relaxed look of this sweater that you can either tuck in or wear untucked! The color is amazing for Fall ... and with my ultimately pale winter skin ;) There are also 4 other colors to choose from! 

xx, Ashley 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My Wishlist...


It's officially the BEST shopping time of the year ... the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here from now (if you're a Nordstrom cardholder) until the 20th!

I have been saving things to my wish-list like a mad woman the past few weeks, leading up to the sale, in hopes that my favorites will be marked down! Things sell out quickly during the first week, when cardholders have early access and I've got my eye on a few Fall "must haves." Below, you can see shop some popular items and I also wanted to share my favorite, affordable brands so you can check out what they have on sale now!

Some of my favorite #NSale brands:







Jeremy Campbell

Steve Madden

Sole Society

xx, Ashley 

xx, Ashley 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What To Look For...

Tomorrow is the beginning of the #NSale! 

This is one of my favorite times of the year (well, since becoming a blogger) because of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Since becoming a cardholder, I can shop the sale before everyone else and before my favorites sell out! The deals are INSANE! I try to focus on some key Fall items - because with summer half way gone, now is not the time to stock up on warm weather apparel! 

Here are some of the top things on my list that I'll be looking for...


I'm on the lookout for some classic cardigans that I can wrap up in this Fall. I have a few, but am in dire need of more to complete my outfits. I have my eye on this one from Madewell:


I always need new tops and right now I think I need to brighten up my wardrobe. I tend to lean toward the neutrals, but I've got my eye on a cute red blouse from Gibson. BP is also one of my favorite brands for cute tops that are super affordable. Keep an eye out on Hinge, Pleione, and Halogen as well - more of my faves! How cute is this eyelet Pleione top? I love the color!


Last year, shoes were the highest selling category in the NSale, so you may want to complete your "shoe wishlist" first! I'll be looking for a pair of classic black booties, closed-toe! I've got a suede pair but they're peep-toe and I also just want a leather option. This pair below from Pour la Victoire is INCREDIBLE (left), but also more than $300 - I'm going to see how discounted they are! I have my eye on these from Sole Society too pictured to the right (which are already under $100!)...I love the little cutouts!


Skinny Jeans:

Last year, the AG Legging Jeans were the best-selling product of the ENTIRE sale! I don't own a pair, but I may have to invest considering I keep my jeans for YEARS - and they're always a good place to spend your money. cute is this pair? Same brand, but love the wash!


Another area of focus for me this year is outerwear! I feel like I need some cute cropped jackets for Fall and also on the lookout for a long beige jacket with more of a dressy feel, for date nights! I love this BLANKNYC moto jacket - the color is amazing, and it's a bigger ticket item (for me, anyway) so it's on my wish list. I hope to get it at half price! The jacket on the right is another from BLANKNYC and I absolutely LOVE the fit. It's already under $100, so I'm definitely going to snag it when it goes on sale!

A few other things to keep an eye on...

Hunter boots were on sale last year - HUGE! Check those out and you may be able to get them on sale, which I find is really hard to do! Also, the brand LUSH is another favorite because they're stuff is cute AND super affordable. Their tees are incredibly soft and comfortable! If you're looking for a specific handbag, now might be the time to snag it up! I love the bags from Madewell

xx, Ashley 

Instagram Round-Up...

Happy Monday! 

I thought I'd share my recent Instagram looks all in one place today! It's easier for you to shop and also, you don't need to be signed up for LiketoKnowit! I've provided the outfit details for each look below the photo! I hope you all have a great Monday! We're heading to Maine to pamper my Mom for her birthday (which is next week!) 

Happy shopping! Thanks for stopping by!

Outfit details: Top: L.A. Hearts, similar here ($18!) and here | Shorts: Free People, similar here | Hat: Gap, similar here and here


Outfit Details: Swimsuit: RoseGal (only $16!) and also love this one from J.Crew!



Outfit details: Dress: H&M, similar here and love this one! | Sandals: Gap, similar here and here


Outfit details: Dress: Shein | Denim jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch (old), similar here | Hat: Gap, similar here | Sandals: Gap, similar here (under $60!) and here

My Outfit: Swimsuit: J.Crew (old), similar here and here | Shorts: Forever21 | Sandals: Nine West, similar here | Sunglasses: Target (dollar bin hehe!) similar red frames here for $12!

Lo's swimsuit: Target (Cat & Jack)


Outfit details (Left): Dress: Shein ($18!)| Shoes: Nike, similar here and here | Bag: Skip Hop | Hat: BP | Sunglasses: RayBan

Outfit details (Right): Dress: Shein | Heels: Target (under $30!) | Purse: Kate Spade (33% off!), similar here (under $40!) | Sunglasses: RayBan


xx, Ashley 

Nordstrom: Top Sale Picks...

There are so many great sales going on currently, not to mention the annual Nordstrom sale coming up in just a week or so! I went through and chose some of my favorites that are currently on sale (some up to 50% off!) Shop them now, because they're selling out quickly! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

xx, Ashley 

Summer Outfits Under $100...

Happy Wednesday! 

Here are a few outfits I put together for you that are all under $100! I don't like spending $100 on one item, but if I can put an entire outfit together for that price - then that's more my speed :) The last outfit features a grapefruit straw clutch which is so adorable (& under $20) and I paired it with an off-shoulder chambray dress; you'll love it! Thank you for stopping by and happy shopping!

July 4th Sales...

Ok, so I meant to share this on Saturday - but with London's birthday I was a bit preoccupied! I guess it's not too late though, because these sales will last through today! It's a good time to grab some cute summer items at a discounted price and I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces below plus my sales round-up! Enjoy!

J.Crew: 30% off your purchase with the code: HOORAY

Nordstrom: SO MANY THINGS on sale...some up to 50% off!

Topshop: Up to 50% off

Anthropologie: Extra 30% off summer tag sale

Urban Outfitters: Extra 30% off sale items

Here are some of my favorites from the sales above:

xx, Ashley